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so, the club ended up sucking my ass, there were 33 girls on a thursday night, the bouncer guy turned out to be a huge asshole, and in general, i was just a grumpy girl. bonus to all of this is that my woman and i ran off to her cabin in the woods, where all we did was cuddle, eat, and watch movies. we went outside a few times, but other than that, we just enjoyed each other's company. needless to say, my weekend rocked. i can't wait to go back up there. (this girl has really got me by the balls, i never do anything remotely nature like, and i'm ready to go hide in the woods with her.)
so, i'm off to another club tomorrow. i've been a responsible stripper, and checked it out on stripclublist.com, and i'm going to call later and chat with someone.
yesterday, we went to the fair, and ate. a lot. i had a pickle on a stick, a cheesesteak, potato pancake, pieroges, cotton candy, an apple dumpling, some lemonade, and fries. i can't wait to go back and eat more on thursday. i'm such a fat kid, lol, and i'm going to pay for this when i'm in my 30's.
this week, we're also going to be organizing our room. which means we are officially resigning ourselves to staying up here for an extended period of time. oh well, i suppose shit happens, and as long as I have Michelle, i'm all good.
the only grumpy note in all of this is that i'm getting sick. my tummy has been unhappy for a few days, (even before the fair food) and now my throat is starting to fuck with me. grrr.
i think that i am going to make some tea. tea is good for sick people.

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